Marine Conservation

Come learn about the marine environment and the animals we love in one of our annual special conservation events.

Manta Ray Bay Resort has partnered with leading scientists and conservation organizations from around the world to bring you active hands-on marine workshops for all-ages. Take your pick from Mantas and Sharks or Marine Biology with five weeks to choose from.

Manta Mania

Every February we host several of the world’s leading manta ray and shark researchers from Manta Trust and the Micronesian Conservation Coalition and put on a special 7-day / 16 dive package.


  • Manta ray awareness workshops, field research events and diving with leading scientists
  • Shark feed specialty, mating Mandarin fish and night dives
  • 1 three tank dive day with lunch in a Yapese village
  • Complimentary Wake-up service w/ coffee & tea
  • Island Tour to a Yapese village center
  • Private beach BBQ on Saturday
  • Photo and video workshops
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Double occupancy room
  • Airport transfers and taxes

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Family Sea-Life Adventure

Plankton tows, lab time looking at specimens under the microscope, dissections of different marine species, snorkel and dives in different environments important
to marine ecology (snorkels in mangroves, snorkel/dives off reef), inter-active lectures and field work on different aspects of island and marine ecology. Each person receives a lab book, T-shirt and rash guard.


  • 7 night / 10 dives and all meals included
  • Village visit including a traditional dance
  • Night snorkel, plankton tow, fishing trip
  • Local navigation workshop and canoe trip
  • Beach BBQ with fire circle
  • Watershed hike, local buffet dinner
  • Pizza and burgers movie nights
  • Babysitting and activities for all-ages
  • Airpot transfers, taxes and wake-up service

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Marine Biology Weeks

Eco-adventure for everyone! Divers, snorkelers and non-divers can learn about and help conserve precious coral reefs in an active hands-on workshop in Yap.


  • 10 dives per week
  • Night dive, land tour, kayaking
  • Local dinner buffet and Beach BBQ
  • Hotel room, diving and workshops
  • Coral Reefs at day and night
  • Three Biology Workshops
  • Sandbottom sampling, plankton tows
  • Reef and fish survey, Microscoping
  • Course Book and Certificate
  • Airport transfers ,taxes and breakfast

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