Manta Mania Week

Manta Mania – Citizen Science Eco Tourism Week

Manta Mania 2018

Get Involved

Join a manta ray conservation party on an upgraded luxury vacation package at Manta Ray Bay Resort. Yap is one of several research sites with Manta Trust – for one week leading manta ray and shark scientists will host a “hands-on” citizen science field research symposium and media event.

February 21st – 28th 2018 – Our next event happens just before Yap Day, the biggest cultural celebration in Micronesia! Add-on 3 more room nights to experience the most colorful days in Yap and combine the year’s best diving with traditional Yapese culture!

When you combine Manta Mania and Yap Day packages you receive a 10% booking discount!


Presenting Scientists

Here’s this year’s group of marine scientists who are the region’s leading researchers and rockstars of big animal conservation.

Julie Hartup

“This is an rare opportunity for divers to dive with manta rays together with the scientists who study them. You’ll get to see the type of equipment we use, how we gather information and how its processed. We planned this event to take place during manta mating season, the most active time of year where close interaction with multiple animals is nearly assured – we are hoping to get a lot of valuable information. During the day you’ll dive with mantas and over the pristine reefs surrounding Yap, in the afternoon you’ll attend workshops to learn about megafauna, and in the evening you get to see pictures of these amazing animals. Not only will you be learning about mantas but also their very close relatives the mobula, sharks and other marine mammals. We hope everyone will come away from this experience awed by the ocean and its creatures with a deep appreciation for Yap and love for it’s people and culture.”

Project Leader, Manta Trust

Steve Lindfield

StevePICRCDr. Steve Lindfield is a marine scientist at the Coral Reef Research Foundation in Palau. He has been studying Micronesian coral reefs since 2010, including fish surveys at Yap’s remote outer islands. He is a specialist in the use of stereo-video for counting and measuring the size of fish, including manta rays, and is particularly interested in spawning aggregations and coral reef fisheries. Steve also explores the deep coral reefs using a closed circuit rebreather, a diving system that also operates silently without bubbles so that fish are not disturbed. He will be measuring the size of mantas with stereo-video during the week and will share stories and images from his research in the region.

Vanessa Jaiteh

Vanessa is a marine scientist with diverse interests in the fields of tropical fisheries, community assessment and livelihood improvement. For the past five years she has been studying the Eastern Indonesian shark fishery, investigating the interconnectedness of sharks as a group of keystone species fulfilling critical roles in marine food chains, and groups of people whose livelihoods have come to depend on sharks and their fins. Through data collected with and by fishing communities, she works to provide policy-relevant information to encourage more sustainable management approaches that address both conservation goals and community development needs.


Experience Yap

danceYap promises to deliver a memorable experience not only by it’s resident manta ray population – the colorful traditional Yapese lifestyle and booming reef shark population make for a unique dive experience.

Yap offers travelers a relaxed diving experience in small groups on exclusive dive sites and the most intact culture in Micronesia – the opportunity to see and experience traditional attire, food and dance is included.


The upgraded vacation package includes 16 tanks with daily extended research diving at manta ray sites as well as all three specialties; shark feed, mating mandarin fish and night dives at a special one-time rate starting at $1,699 in a standard room. Ocean view and deluxe suites available.


Package Includes:

  • Manta ray awareness workshops, field research events and diving with leading scientists
  • Shark feed specialty, mating Mandarin fish and night dives
  • 1 three tank dive day with lunch in a Yapese village
  • Complimentary Wake-up service w/ coffee & tea
  • Private beach BBQ on Saturday
  • Photo and video workshops
  • Daily breakfast buffet
  • Double occupancy room
  • Village visit tour
  • Airport transfers
  • Taxes

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