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manta-manian Yap 2015

Manta Trusts’ Manta Mania in Micronesia!

A truly special manta ray event will be hosted the first week of February in cooperation with Manta Trust.

Leading manta ray and shark scientists will be hosting a citizen science field research symposium in Yap where guests will participate in scientific assignments and learn from the world’s top researchers for manta ray conservation.

Each day is a unique itinerary with extended research dive plans at manta ray sites, afternoon workshops on manta ray awareness, behavior and scientific data as well as evening media presentations at the Crow’s Nest open air bar, it’s still a party after all.

The complete package is a “best of Yap” deal with 16 dives that include a shark feed, mating mandarin fish and an outer reef or channel night dive.

The party is complete with a private beach BBQ on the north island of Ma’ap and will include traditional presentations of local attire, food and crafts.

January 31st to February 7th

Guests will participate in animal ID photography and measurements while learning about and contributing to the growing database of Micronesian mantas.

For conservationists, manta and shark lovers… this is the dive package for you. 


The package price is an upgraded special that includes a standard double occupancy room, breakfast, airport transfers, taxes, complimentary wake-up service with coffee or tea along with the science party itinerary.

Ocean-view and deluxe ocean view rooms are available for those who want super luxurious accommodations.

And, of course, our Hall of Fame dive pioneer, the “manta man”, Bill Acker will lead dives and provide personally guided reef tours during the event.

For more info, visit: Manta Mania

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