Sea for Yourself Brings Another Group of Snorkelers to the Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers

For a number of years, Sea for Yourself, Inc. has been leading groups of snorkelers to Yap and other points in Micronesia.  Per their website, they “offer small group programs focused on tropical reef ecology designed especially for snorkelers of any age or skill level.”  You can learn more about their programs by visiting their website at:

This year’s group of 15 guests was led by Ethan Daniels and Sue Kinder.  Sue also brought along her husband Rich, who it turns out is an avid fisherman and talked Bill Acker into taking him fishing.  We found out that Rich could handle fishing better than he could handle the high seas.

This was Ethan’s 7th time to Yap and though he travels the world, he still keeps coming back to Yap.  When asked why this was so, Ethan said “I love the combination of excellent diving/snorkeling and unique culture”.

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