New Culture Experiences

Traditional Yapese Culture

Traditional Yapese Culture

It’s getting easier to experience the local culture – new tours and excursions are being developed.

A personal village walk with a local guide and local food lunch at a beach house is a new addition that really demonstrates a typical Yapese day.

See a village, hear stories, local lore, historic accounts and take a look at how a modern Yapese family lives a traditional village life.

After diving, there are several two-hour cultural excursions that can be arranged for small groups.

Stone money banks, men’s houses, a village community center, local canoe house, ancient stone paths and a little bit of local flavor await.

Local attire is a Yap visitor’s highlight, hibiscus grass skirts and the men’s “thu” are still a part of everybody’s life here.

Traditional Yapese Culture

Villages are connected by stone paths and trails that meander through the forest lined in community and family gardens – going on a local village walk will bring up a story with every step.

There’s a new village dance and culture tour in the works, a traditional sailing canoe excursion as well as a couple of small group options to see a village.

Everyday there’s an opportunity to get into the island, meet some people, see some sights and settle any curiosity.

Traditional sustenance living is the most common lifestyle in Yap, people here are still integrated with nature.

Local medicine is still practiced and stories of “magic” and medicine people who have spiritual powers are told frequently.

Step across the street and step back in time to when people lived in harmony with their environment.

Village time is rich with interesting and engaging talk.

Traditional Yapese Culture

Traditional Yapese Culture

The top things to see during your stay:

  • Traditional Dance
  • Traditional Attire
  • Village Community Center
  • Men’s House
  • The Beach
  • A Sunset over the Lagoon
  • Stone Money Bank
  • Stone Paths

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