Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers finds the manta rays of Yap

There has been a lot of talk going around recently that the manta rays of Yap have been pretty shy.  Well that may have some element of truth in it but for sure they have not left Yap, far from it, they are still here just like always, just in a different place.  And as Yap Divers are the number operator on the island and number one operator for ensuring the dive sites are well maintained, it was us that found the location.  The rays have moved to a new cleaning station in Mi’l Channel and up to 12 were spotted a couple of mornings ago.  The reef is very shallow, coming to within 20ft of the surface, so it is heaven for snorkelers as well as SCUBA divers.  Is there a better place to add a new certification card and pass your ”Manta Ray Awareness Course”?

MRB Webung Yap Mantagruppe Mi`l Ch

The sharks of vertigo are becoming true models as they come closer to you and let you take some great action shots in incomparable visibility.  Nimpal on the west side of Yap has been declared a marine protected area and as such the numbers and types of fish there is unbelievable.  The southern part of the island with Yap Caverns, Lionfish Wall and Yellow Wall remains our guests’ favorite, as the diversity of fish, the colors, clarity and more will satisfy all your needs.

Shark Frontal Image

2011 is promising to be a great year of diving and we wish you all the best for 2011 and look forward to showing you the gems of Yap that make it one of the top dive locations on the planet.

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