Happy Birthday Carmen

We aren’t 100% sure of the exact date because Carmen’s passport, which her father originally applied for her says her birth day is October 10th.  Her birth certificate says today, October 11th yet her Mom says she was born on the 12th.   Now I don’t know about you, but I know that Dads rarely get things like this right, Governments and our hospital is a Government department make mistakes but how can you argue with a Mom?  Seems to me that of all three entities involved, we should put more faith in Mom but despite what I think, Carmen is celebrating today.  My wife, Patricia, asked the kitchen staff to prepare a Yapese fresh fruit “cake” and several of us sang Happy Birthday.  The fruit “cake” was in support of Carmen who has been on a very strict diet for the past several months and has lost more than 100 pounds.  I would include a before and after picture with this post but I suspect Carmen would kill me and it’s never good having the accountant try to kill the boss.

Another Manta Ray Original - Fresh Fruit "Cakes"

She probably would still like to kill me because of the singing just to make sure it won’t happen next year.

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