German Intern Spending Time with Yap Divers

Hi, my name is Martin Wiesneth and I am working for the travel agency Schoener Tauchen in Germany (   . My current job gives me the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of our long-time partners, such as Bill Acker and the staff at Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers, diving all the destinations in our portfolio to better understand what divers desire nowadays.  As soon as I finish my travels, I will be able consult our customers in the best way possible about our products and destinations.

Meanwhile I am working on different projects with Bill and some of his friends. For example, we are going to digitalize the “Manta Wall” to be able to track them in a better way and contribute to their conservation in the long run. You can participate easily in this by sending us a copy of your belly-shots from the mantas you have seen in Yap.  We would also appreciate hearing when and at what dive site, you took the picture.  Thanks!

One last thing: Of course you first think of mantas as soon as you hear the name Yap, but during my 5 months here, I encountered a lot more than only mantas.  The southern tip of the island offers incredible stone coral formations (e.g. Eagle´s Nest), caverns and walls with a lot of different macro stuff. Vertigo is definitely a pristine divespot to see a variety of different sharks and with its visibility, which is usually 40 to 50 meters (yeah, I´m metric), ideal for underwater photography.

But what am I blabbering about?   Check it out yourself!  CU in Yap!



Martin Wiesneth Enjoying the Sunset

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