Divers from Down Under Invade Yap

In late June/early July we had the distinct pleasure of hosting 7 Aussies from the Gold Coast for 10 days.  They are all friends of Trevor Smith who was the longtime owner of Diversity Dive.  Trevor was accompanied by his wife Tara and young son Drew.  Drew quickly became the darling of the resort and all the staff loved him.  He had the ladies wrapped around his fingers and the boy is a fish in the water.  Drew snorkeled with numerous manta rays and sharks, among other sea creatures, during his stay.

Trevor, Drew and Tara Smith

Also with the group were Robert & Helen along with Glenn and his daughter Marianne.  These folks are ranchers from Southern Australia who have been diving for years and travel with Trevor all over the world.  They have been in Micronesia many times but we think the 10 days in Yap will certainly stick in their minds.  We know these folks made a wonderful impression on us.

Back Row: Robert, Trevor and Glenn. Front Row: Helen, Tara, Marianne and Drew

All 7 of them took our PADI Manta Ray Awareness class, taught by Bill & John Pekailug along with a couple Mandarin Fish dives, snorkeling on the Japanese Judy bomber in North Fanif and a land tour.

Trevor is also an award winning underwater photographer.  Here is a head shot of one of his famous subjects, the Leafy Sea Dragon of Southern Australia.

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