A Unique Day at the Manta Ray Bay Resort

Over the years, we have been fortunate to host several dignitaries including Presidents, United States Senators, Ambassadors from several countries, Lawrence Fishburn the movie star; however the latest happened a few weeks ago and it was special. I have delayed reporting on this event for security reasons for the individuals involved. Now that they are well out of the region, I can tell you about our day with the Prince and Princess of Monaco.

Yap Manta Ray over divers

Yes, his royal highness Prince Albert and his wife Princess Charlene of Monaco flew in for a day with us. They arrived with their delegation aboard the royal Monaco jet and were immediately brought to the hotel by our concierge staff.

Jan Sledsens, John Pakailug and I took the group to Stammtisch for a dive with the manta rays. No one was disappointed as we placed everyone in prime positions and each had multiple, close passes from the rays for the entire dive.

Upon returning to the resort, I discovered that Prince Albert was fond of beer so I helped introduce him to the products of the Stone Money Brewing Company over a special lunch prepared by Detlef and our staff on the S/V Mnuw. After sampling the choices, the Prince decided he liked the mixture of our Manta Gold and Hammerhead Amber which we call the Texas Two Step. Lunch included fresh salad from our hydroponic garden, Tuna Poke, Sashimi and Blackened Sashimi accompanied by fresh grilled fish, grilled chicken and an assortment of fresh fruits. The conversation ranged from the Princes’ various environmental protection efforts to the history of the Manta Ray and the diving industry of Yap.

Following lunch, Helen Limed and Richard F’low took the Monaco delegation to Kaday Village for a private Village Cultural Tour. On the tour the Prince enjoyed a healthy snack of fresh coconut meat served by the villagers at the local meeting house, while the Princess was particularly fond of our betelnut and was quite taken by it after having one handed to her by a village elder for her to try.

Everyone enjoyed watching the traditional dance while Prince Albert continued with his local snack of coconut meat, which by the way he was carving out of the coconut shell by himself after a village elder showed him how to do it.

For myself and the rest of our staff, this was a very special day indeed and we wish nothing but the best for Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, their families and the Principality of Monaco. We hope they will return someday.

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