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Yap is a very interesting place that is set on the very fringe of the first world grid. The undeveloped tropical setting and rich traditional culture mix with today’s broadband world creating a unique experience. Here are a few interesting things about a place that many people haven’t heard about.


1. Yap’s history is [still] almost entirely oral.

Events, legends and myths are passed on through the generations more with song and dance, carvings and stories, than in books.


2. Yapese people believe in weather magic.

So much in fact that for important celebrations or events the government requests the services of weather medicine people.


3. The Yapese language could be the most difficult to learn in the world.

There are few to no foreigners who can speak Yapese, including those who have lived here for over 30 years.


4. Most of Yap’s population live a traditional lifestyle.

Yapese culture is a mix of today and yesterday. On one side of the street there is WiFi and a floating restaurant, and on the other, people cook over a coconut husk fire.


5. Less than 2,000 people arrived at Yap Intl Airport Last Year.

This includes residents, workers and government travel. A very small number of people will ever visit Yap which makes the experience quite personal and memorable.


6. The World’s First Manta Ray Sanctuary

You may have already heard about Yap State Law 7-36 that established the first government-backed manta ray sanctuary – if not, it’s something that everyone should know about Yap – this is where eco-tourism was founded on manta ray diving.


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