Zegrahm Expeditions Co-founder Jack Grove Leads Another Yap Adventure

Jack Grove recently brought a group of 7 divers and 9 snorkelers to Yap.  This was Jack’s 12th time in Yap and he has already mentioned that on his next trip, he will schedule additional time in Yap before, or after, the Zegrahm Expeditions’ visit.  For those of you unfamiliar with whom and what Zegrahms is, I suggest you visit their website at:  www.zeco.com.

Of the 16 intrepid individuals, 10 of them joined our Planet Blue Kayak Tour guides for a mangrove paddle and all of them went on the Kaday Village Cultural Tour.  We also arranged a beach lunch for the group following their diving and snorkeling on Monday.  This was well received and something that we are happy to arrange for groups and individuals alike.  Just ask and we will be happy to oblige.

We eavesdropped on Jack one morning while he was talking to his group and overheard him saying “I barely sleep at night because my adrenaline is so pumped up knowing how my next diving day in Yap will be.”  Jack and I have been friends since the day, over 25 years ago, when both of us were quite a bit younger, and Jack arrived with the Lindblad Explorer cruise ship and I was in charge of lightering the guests to the shore and putting on a cultural tour for them.   There aren’t many people in this industry that I respect more and I look forward to his return.

Despite signs saying “Keep Off Waterfall”, we gladly gave permission for this group photo

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