Yap + Palau Combo

Yap + Palau dive pacakge

Yap + Palau dive pacakgeGet the best of Micronesia, Yap + Palau!

Enjoy the best of the West Pacific with two big animal sanctuaries, rich blue water and culture that is all Micronesia.

We have teamed up with Palau Dive Adventures on a package that brings together the best destination combo in the region.

Yap and Palau offer spectacular diving that includes reefs, wrecks, sharks, wall diving, macro and manta rays.

Yap + Palau dive package

Stay on the lagoon in Yap at Manta Ray Bay Resort and your choice of hotels in Palau.

Choose from DW Motel or uber luxurious Palau Pacific Resort, this package allows you to get both destinations in the accommodations that suits your vacation style.

Get 23 dives in two-weeks in Yap & Palau.

Yap + Palau dive pacakge

Enjoy the beautiful rock islands of Palau and the tranquil traditional villages and vibrant culture in Yap in one trip.

This combination puts you in touch with two different islands, two different countries, two different cultures and the best diving in Micronesia.

Two-week packages start at $2,704

This is a special that is available all year long.

Yap + Palau dive pacakge

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