Yap Mantas in B/W



The manta action is getting stronger with the mating behavior.

During this season a typical cleaning station experience is multiple animals with a one-track mind.

This means that they care less about divers and more about impressing their would-be partner.

Big females glide out of the vis, closely followed by multiple male rays and keep divers ducking their overhead passes.


IMG_7724Right now these animals are a hot topic on and off the reef – the state is throwing some energy at their manta ray sanctuary law and putting together new regulations protecting this population.

It was these manta rays and the traditional culture that put Yap on the  dive map of places you have to see.

Yap State department of Resources and Development, Environmental Protection Agency and the Yap Visitors Bureau are taking action to preserve this for you.

Meanwhile Back in the Office…

Bill’s been a busy man hooking people up with dialed-in travel itineraries to Micronesia. Some of the recent ones have been helping folks with Yap and Palau, Bill has the line on the Tokyo, Yap, Palau, Tokyo route that doesn’t leave you laid over at airports or in Guam for two days. There’s only two flights onto Yap every week, so if you’re searching for a flight after your dive week in Palau, there’s a 70% chance there isn’t one – but, if you travel to Yap there’s a flight to Palau after your week and from Palau there’s several flights a day leaving… so, either search for this Micronesian combo Yap > Palau, or just email bill@mantaray.com and have him send you the details – that’s probably much easier. And he tells everyone what flights to look up with date and time options, and if you can’t find them cheaper, he’ll reserve his rates for you and cut you in on some savings. Not everyone can keep up with air travel schedules in Micronesia, but at least you have the email address of someone who does.

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