Yap Diving Guarantees

Big animals is what put Yap on the map, our resident manta rays and rain-or-shine shark dive guarantees visitors with big interactions year-round.

Manta Ray Dive, Yap Micronesia
Vertigo is our year-round dive site that is guaranteed action, every time. A dive developed by Bill and his team over two decades.

Our resident reef sharks have been stoking diver’s logs and SD cards with closer than arm’s reach encounters for 30 years.

Diving Yap guarantees a few things – big animals, Micronesia’s most vibrant culture and uncrowded reef diving.

Shark Dive, Yap Micronesia

Shark Dive, Yap Micronesia

Shark Dive, Yap Micronesia

For any diver regardless of experience, the grace of a manta ray overhead or the scene at Vertigo of a shark school surrounding divers satisfies even those of us who are spoiled with rich underwater experiences.

Micronesian Culture

Don’t dive Micronesia without exploring the local culture… and in Yap the culture is authentic and across the street. One of the best ways to get the most out of your trip to Yap is to plan your vacation to coincide with a culture festival. Yap Day happens at the peak of the manta ray mating season, making for a memorable trip above and below the surface.

Culture, Yap Micronesia

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