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This is what it’s looking like between the dock and the reef this week. When it’s this good, the 25 minute boat rides could be longer and nobody would mind.

Yap Divers Micronesia

Yap Divers Boat Ride On Private Reef One of the nicest features of Yap is the relaxed diving pace on uncrowded dive sites with small boat groups. Today was no exception and perfect weather has these Yap days ringing in loud and clear for the guests.

This is the aft view as we rounded the southern tip of the island at full throttle. There was nobody around but us.

This is private reef diving with epic conditions.

Yap Island Cabbage Patch Dive Site, Micronesia Clear water greeted us at both dive sites. Today we dove Magic Kingdom and Cabbage Patch, a sloping corral bank packed with reef life, large fish as well as schools.

We rolled into huge blue water and drifted with a mild current as a 5 person dive group – that’s including the dive guide and blogger.

Today’s dive log included dogtooth tuna patrolling the edge of the blue, schools of barracuda, a giant blue belly, a spotted eagle ray, schools of snapper, several napoleon wrasse, several turtles and the whole array of reef fish. The wildlife report was as spectacular as the topside weather.

Yap Divers Group

As we cruised the reef edge, a spotted eagle ray came out of the blue and swam right up to our group. At first it came so close, in my state of relaxedness I actually thought that it would be awesome to have a camera… then realized, I did – so here’s my picture of the eagle ray swimming past our dive group. The same went for a large school of curious barracuda.

Spotted Eagle Ray, Yap Micronesia

There’s people in from Russia, the Netherlands and the U.S., all enjoying Yap’s attributes, on and off the reef. Here you enjoy the dive lifestyle with a comfortable vacation feel.

Yap Divers Boat Group

This is the latest status… some people may ask, when is a great time to be in Yap? the answer is, right now.

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