Yap Cavern Bumpheads

Diving with Bumphead Parrotfish in Micronesia

Diving with Bumphead Parrotfish in Micronesia Diving Yap Caverns is a special experience, with your choice of two walls or the swim through amphitheater you can always get it your way.

Some of the most common sites are sleeping white tips on the sand bottom, schools of bumpheads over the coral, cleaning grouper and leaf fish.

This site rarely disappoints a camera, usually leaving us photographers with something to come back for.

At 30 meters there is a coral head that reef sharks clean on provided there is enough current.

Baby grey reefs are seen strafing the amphitheater slope during times of the year which always make for a memorable encounter.

Diving with Bumphead Parrotfish in Micronesia

Yap Caverns is flanked by two wall dives where we drift by the most soft corals, crynoids and reef fish.

A whale shark has been seen here, dolphin and pilot whales, although infrequent, the magic at Yap Caverns is as good as it gets for diving Micronesia.

Pinnacles covered in pink antheas jet out from the walls with morays and cleaning Sweetlips in the cracks and beneath overhangs.

This is where your camera comes to be happy regardless of your lens – macro, mid or wide angle, it doesn’t matter.

Diving with Bumphead Parrotfish in Micronesia

When it comes to diving Micronesia and getting the best of Yap, a school of bumpheads, cleaning sharks, big grouper and forking white tips almost always make a top 10 dive log entry.

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