What Do You Call 6 Swiss in a Pool Without a Beer?

Recently we had the honor of having 6 divers from Switzerland among our other international dive guests.  Turns out these folks were not a group but just happened to book Yap at the same time and thus naturally became a group.  That’s one of the great things about diving, you see different places, explore different cultures and meet different people – some of whom become lifelong friends.  Hopefully that will be true for Markus & Petra, Thomas & Martin and Beno & Sylvia.

Markus & Petra came because of Mr. Jan Sledsens, our Dive Operations Manager, who was representing us at the Zurich dive show and was taken to a unique “whisky bar” by Patrick & Cyril former guests of ours.  As so often happens in bars, Jan bellied up to the bar and began a conversation with the bartender and after a few samples of different whiskies from around the world, Markus – the aforementioned bartender was smitten.  Lo and behold, 2 months later, he and his wife were checking into our dedicated dive resort.

Thomas & Martin managed to make their own way here as part of a larger Micronesian dive holiday.  These guys were very special as both are hearing impaired yet got along with everyone very easily.  They have been traveling together before and have hiked and biked a large portion of the world.  Before leaving, they mentioned that their next trip to Micronesia would be a Yap standalone trip.

Jan met Beno & Sylvia at the FESPO dive show in Zurich where they were discussing a Philippine, Indonesia & Micronesia trip.  They asked Jan if Yap should be one of their Micronesia stops and after a few minutes, Yap was on the schedule.  Beno has posted a short movie on our facebook site and one of the highlights of his trip was getting his teeth cleaned by several cleaner shrimps at Slow & Easy.

Now back to the original title of this post, what do you call 6 Swiss in a pool without a beer?  Anyone with a good answer to this question is encouraged to let us know by commenting on this post.

Markus & Petra, Beno & Sylvia and Martin & Thomas

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