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Aside from the big attractions such as the mantas, sharks, and fish in clear water, Yap’s “critters” were first pointed out by the late Larry Smith, a pioneer critter specialist.

Many species of sharks inhabit the waters around Yap. Unlike other regions, you can see sharks on just about every dive. Yap Divers has organized shark dives to put you in position to get up close photos of these beautiful creatures.

Where in the world can you find 200 foot plus underwater visibility? Is there a destination you can target to experience a shark filled wall dive? A place where mantas fly overhead like aircraft?

Yap, Micronesia has all the above attractions plus a romantic, indigenous Yapese culture inhabits the island. Here shoals of colorful fish swim in the clear waters that bathe the reefs. Sharks and Mantas get the hoopla, but the diversity of the fishes is impressive as this video suggests.

Yap visitors often split their time between Yap and other destinations. Most times they come to Yap outside of the best diving season. Divers see mantas year around, but for the best conditions the “summer equinox” provides optimum conditions without any crowding at the key dive sites. From May thru October turns out to be the ideal time to visit Yap. This program was filmed in July of 2005.

This documentary w/o narration highlights an expedition to Yap for a few weeks in August 2008. Yap is world’s best location for Mantas, a high voltage Shark dive, fish watching and seeing the ornate and colorful mandarine fish doing their mating dance at dusk.


Yap Islanders (Yapese) moving stone money by traditional custom. Yap is the only culture in the world with stone money. Since the stone money never leaves Yap, Yapese are also the only culture that still has all the money it ever made.

The proof that the Yapese area special culture is evident in this Yap Day segment. See traditional dances, watch how nautical lines are made out of coconuts, these traditions have been passed down over the centuries. All performances are authentic. A “Did You Know” teaser is at the close. Yap Day is held one weekend of each year.

Short promotional video about the Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers located on the island of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia. Includes dive footage and brief introduction to local culture on the island.


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