Vertigo Shark Diving

Vertigo Shark Dive Yap Micronesia

Shark encounters in Yap are actually more guaranteed than with Manta Rays.

You can go to a manta cleaning station and not see a ray, given some conditions – however you can’t go to Vertigo and not see a reef shark.

A typical dive at Vertigo means you’ll have anywhere between 10-40 grey and black tip reef sharks checking you out.

Oh, and visibility is consistently over 100′ which make for nice clear photos.

Diving Vertigo Yap Micronesia

Diving Vertigo Yap Micronesia

Yap consistently ranks in the dive destination top 25 places to stamp your log book, and got there with the daily manta action (as well as the exotic culture) – but these days people want to dive with sharks too.

This is a big animal double whammy and the sharks come as close as the rays do.

Have a manta pass directly overhead and gracefully eclipse you over the reef – and have a shark stare you down at an arm’s reach away.

Shark Diving Vertigo Yap Micronesia


Sharks are a hot topic these days with the recent anti-finning movement and awareness in dive media.

The Federated States of Micronesia is working up new legislation that will create the largest shark sanctuary on earth – covering a bigger ocean area than the United States.

Yap State is a Manta Ray sanctuary, since 2008, with laws protecting their habitat which includes the surrounding water, mangroves and lagoons – which benefits the shark population. It’s booming, this is what it looks like hanging out at Vertigo on any given weekday.



At least here the wildlife is not under the pressure of progress. Manta Rays are far more susceptible to fishing due to their migratory patterns – but these local reef sharks have nothing threatening them.

The new mantra here is “There’s more to Yap than Mantas”, and reef sharks as well as the Manderinfish will be making their way into the common knowledge about what lies in store for divers here in Yap.

Guaranteed big animals, mating manderinfish and hand crafted beer, not a bad gig. It would be nice if there was a coral pinnacle that always had a train of eagle rays that held still for the perfect photo with massive tuna in the background, but those sightings are still in the chance category.

But, year-round sharks that pose for photos… Vertigo has em.

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