01_offerflyerThe keywords here are “custom” and “exclusive” – Mares Premium DC offers are kicking off with a BEST OF… Yap travel package with 6 days of diving.

This is how to get in on a Micronesia experience that’s everything Yap.

It’s a fully customized itinerary that includes dive plans as well as activities and excursions.

Yap is where the ancient and broadband world’s mix that can be seen and felt – the culture, villages and private beaches are woven into your two tank blue water big animal dive day.

By design this kind of package brings together a little bit of Yap each day – after morning dives take a walk through a stone money bank and have a cocktail at sunset on a lagoon.

Take advantage of the distance you traveled from the busy world and wind down on a private beach after extended dives with Yap’s resident sharks at Vertigo.

Get a shoulder massage at the infinity pool before a traditional mangrove crab dinner on a hundred year old Indonesian schooner.


 Blue Water Diving

… in a big animal sanctuary


IMG_3960The diving will be served up according to the tides and plans will be arranged to hit the best sites in the clearest water and work excursions and activities around your dive schedule.

Everything has been accounted for so that your experience will have the best that there is to offer in and out of the water.

Expect to dive with schooling sharks, manta rays, schools of fish and crawling critters.


IMG_1937This offer can be reserved with a small deposit for travel dates anytime before December of 2015.

You can also share this with your dive buddies and cut them in on the action.

For more info, email for the package details and sample itinerary.

This is one of our custom initiatives that can only be reserved through Mares for their friends, fans and, of course, our readers.

 Experience Yap

… the island of Stone Money, and Magic


IMG_4566Yap is a very special place with amazing people living a traditional life in today’s WiFi world.

People live with pride, community values and celebrate their traditions in ceremonial color, across the street.

Experiencing what makes this island special is part of your dive package.

Diving, culture, activities and even spa treatments are included in your Mares Premium DC Travel offer.


 Tropical Paradise

… delivered


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