Trader Jack Cooper

Trader Jack CooperOn Thursday night, Patricia, Greg Wilson and I were treated to a very memorable, and rare, occasion.  We were invited to dinner at the private home of Trader Jack Cooper, perhaps the most famous publican in the South Pacific.

Rosa Grilling the SteaksWe first met Jack at his restaurant and bar over coffee one morning and then visited his house one afternoon.  During that afternoon visit, Jack took a liking to Patricia and decided that we were worthy private dinner companions so we were invited to his house where his wife Rosa cooked an amazing meal of steak, fresh salad, carmalized onions and potatoes.

Bill Acker  with Jack CooperJack has been in Rarotonga for over 30 years and has established an impressive business empire including the famous Trader Jack’s Bar & Grill, a catering company and fish processing plant including a 10 ton per day ice machine.   Jack Cooper is truly a captain of industry having started numerous other businesses over the years and now settling down to write his memoirs – “40 Years Behind Bars” detailing his history in the tourism business.

Obviously Patrica and I extended an invitation for Jack and Rosa to visit Yap and allow us to return the hospitality.

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