The Weather in yap

The climate in Yap is Tropical – hot and humid. Average year-round temperature is 80° F (27° C), with a 10° F (6° C) variation between night and day. The average water temperature is 81° F (28° C).

Annual rainfall is 121 inches (3090 mm). North-east tradewinds blow from November to May, resulting in less rain and lower humidity during these months.

Typhoons are uncommon. The ones hitting other areas of the western Pacific during the typhoon season usually pass to the north of Yap Proper. The Yapese attribute this to the island’s strong magic.

For monthly weather and other calendar information, check our Year in Yap Calendar.

Further weather resources:

Current Weather in Yap, courtesy of the US National Weather Service.

Forecast and current conditions in Yap, courtesy of – The Weather Channel.

Satellite image of current weather in Micronesia, courtesy of the US National Weather Service in Guam.

Current Tropical Cyclone Activity, courtesy of University of Hawaii.


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