Great Prices on Continental Air Tickets to Yap, Micronesia

We have guests, and prospective guests, from around the world, and some of these people can not transit Guam, due to U.S. visa regulations.  For these people, the only way to get to Yap is via Manila to Palau to Yap back to Palau for a day and then back to Manila.  Not all that convenient but workable with the big drawback being prices for airline tickets.

Thanks to our friends at Continental, the price portion has been solved!  We now have a base price of $450 for airline e-tickets, from Manila to Palau to Yap back to Palau and back to Manila!  This is very good news indeed, especially for our friends not on the U.S. visa waiver program.

If interested, please contact Bill Acker directly at  He is here to help you and can now help you with flights from Japan to Yap, from Palau to Yap and from Manila to Yap, via Palau.

By the way, the reason we are doing all of this, is to help introduce you to the wonders of Yap and the ambiance of the Manta Ray Bay Resort.  The weather has been perfect lately, the diving superb and all that is really missing is – you.

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