The Best of Yap

Get Yap and MORE…V55A3255-2

Bill has been steadily growing an array of offers throughout the year and setting up combinations with Palau and [now] the Philippines that create a true “Best of” Micronesia opportunity.

Experience the uniqueness of Yap where you dive exclusive dive sites with no crowds in a big animal sanctuary and exotic grass skirt culture is part of our daily lives.

Yap + Palau
Combine this with Palau’s iconic dive sites and developed tourism where you can enjoy a different bar or restaurant every night and mix it up with hundreds of travelers with your choice of motel or resort accommodations.

Yap + Philippines
Hooking up with our flight schedule, our new Philippines combo package delivers a true “big and small” diving experience that doesn’t break the bank with our special United contract flight rates (ask us for a quote).

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