Taro Leaf Spa

The Taro Leaf Spa was opened in February 2009 and takes the best of everything that is Yapese to bring you an experience that will, relax, energize, invigorate, revitalize and harmonize you. The decor of the spa is based on island themes and all of our products use locally sourced plants.

Our spa has a welcoming reception and waiting area, which is filled with exotic fragrances. You will be given your own Taro Leaf robe and shorts to change into in our comfortable change area. Each guest will have their own private locker to keep valuables secure.

Our spa has two treatment rooms. Frangipani is named after a beautiful fragrant flower that grows in abundance around the island. This room has two massage beds, so it is ideal for two friends to have treatments at the same time. The wooden paneling and abundance of flowers makes this room feel at one with nature. Kokoris, named after the white ginger flower that grows on the island, is our second treatment room, which has a massage bed and our stone bath, Almeria. This bath is hewn from one piece of solid rock and polished to a smooth finish. This room opens out into our private garden with relaxing waterfall to make the whole setting feel very tranquil indeed.

We have a wide range of treatments available, so there is really something to meet everyone’s needs, whether you have tiered muscles from a day’s diving or you just want to pamper yourself for a few hours.

Specialty TreatmentsMassageStone Baths


Noni Indulgence

Noni Indulgence begins with an hour massage using long, strong deep penetrating strokes which relieve soreness and aching muscles using Noni herbal coconut oil. Noni grows wild in Yap and is one of the best varieties of this wonderful healing plant which is used for a variety of medicinal purposes. We then top it off with a noni herbal bath. The treatment eases the aches of old injuries and tense muscles and as well as giving relief from mother ailments.

Taro Leaf Bliss

Taro Leaf Bliss, begins with an hour of our blissfully rejuvenating massage oil then a cup of herbal tea, flowed by an aromatherapy bath with your choice of our selection of salt baths.

Ultimate Taro Leaf Spa Indulgence

Ultimate Taro Leaf Spa Indulgence, begins with an hour of our traditional massage of strong, deep penetrating strokes with herbal coconut oil that helps relieve soreness, tenseness and aches in specific areas of the body. This is then followed with a very relaxing aroma therapeutic herbal bath using a blend of sweet smelling oils for healing, cleansing and de-toxing. We then follow the bath with a complete manicure and pedicure.


Heated Stone Massage

At the Taro Leaf Spa we also offer a wonderful Heated Stone Massage. The stones used for this particular massage are granite river bed stones taken from Switzerland. The massage consists of stones being heated and placed along the spine, heart and other parts of the body. This stimulates circulation, nourishes the nerve cells and sedates the nervous system. It also promotes lymph drainage and toxin removal and stimulates the organ system. It also relieves tense, tired, aching muscles which leave you feeling very refreshed and like a new person afterwards.

Aromatherapy Massage

Our Aromatherapy Massage is a slow gentle rhythmic massage using strokes which help the muscles become deeply relaxed. The sweet smelling blend of essential oils that we use helps restore the harmony of the mind and body. It is also designed to energize, detoxify you and a lot more. Aromatherapy is an ancient art, which involves the use of natural plant oils for healing cleansing and relaxation.

Traditional Massages

We have a number of regular more traditional massages, including, head and shoulder massage, foot massage, full body massage with coconut oil, Thai massage, with no oils and herbal oil massages.


Taro Leaf Spa is proud to say we are the only spa in the country to have this wonderful stone bath, Almeria, hewn form on piece of stone. A soak in this bath will be like one you have never had before, with soothing music, surrounded by tropical plants and exotic relaxing aromas. We have a wide blend of bath salts each containing specific ingredients for various results.

Energy Tonic

Energy Tonic bath, helps stimulate natural energy, overcome fatigue and inertia. Organic herbal extracts and pure essential oils. This bath contains olive oil, essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, lemon, lime, nutmeg, fir Peru balsam, ginseng root, ginkgo and trace mineral salts.

Green Tea

Green Tea, neutralizes free radicals, increases cell longevity-natural anti aging. The bath contains green tea calendula, chamomile, lemongrass, orange, marjoram, sweet fennel, sage and a trace of mineral salt.


Euphoria, exhilarate your mind and body and spirit. The bath consists of ylang ylang, stimulating ginger and uplifting bergamot.


Relaxation, with this blend of different mixture of essential oils, it calm, relaxes both your mind and body to a very peaceful state.

Cold & Flu

Cold & Flu, a deeply soothing bath formula made to help relieve bronchial congestion, reduces body aches, chills and eases all your discomfort. The bath contains, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, Echinacea sage, Melissa, dandelion, bearberry, pepperwood and trace mineral salts.



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