Swiss Tour Operator, Schoener Tauchen, Recently Sent a Group to Yap

Marta Lewandowski has been working with owner Robi Frommenwiler for more than a year to put a group of Swiss divers into Yap and Palau.  Marta, who has been here numerous times and is a personal favorite of mine, as well as our staff, was to be the group leader.  At the last minute, she was forced to cancel which opened the door for us to meet her colleague Mathias Lebo.  Mathias is new to Schoener Tauchen and this was his first time as a group leader but he did an amazing job.  It’s never easy taking care of 22 people, all of whom have different likes, dislikes and because they are paying customers, they don’t mind sharing their opinions.

Of these 22 guests, most of them took our PADI Manta Ray Awareness Specialty Course.  I used the big outdoor screen on the M/V Mnuw one night after dinner to give the classroom portion of the course and then everyone followed that up with two manta dives in Mi’l Channel.

After the manta dive at the new cleaning station, most of the comments were “incomparable”!

In addition to the PADI class, guests tried our kayak tour, the Kaday Village Cultural Tour as well as our very special Mandarin Fish dive.

The group also featured Mr. Heinz Schweizer, a repeat guest, who was here in 2005 and was amazed by the changes to the resort.

Mathias agreed that the week went by too fast and that more time would have been nice to visit other dive sites and to see more of the island.  Not to mention more time for at least one more treatment at the Taro Leaf Spa.

Swiss Divers After 7 Nights at the Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers

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