Summertime is the right time

Diving season is upon us. Right when the manta mating action cools down, the wind calms and the whole island opens up with flat seas and clear water.
We have rays cleaning in the lagoon, sharks strafing the wall at Vertigo and miles of barrier reef to dive until the trade winds pick up in the Fall.

We’re logging good dives on the southern walls, mackerel are here in schools which brings the tuna in close to the reef, yesterday we dived with 4 dogtooth tuna and 5 eagle rays herding a ribbon of mackerel drifting Yellow Wall.
Another recent and fun natural cycle was octopus mating. For a few weeks every dive log had multiple  encounters and were seen in pairs.

There’s always something going on, we have about a month here where cuttlefish are shallow, in pairs and don’t bugger off when you come kicking in with your camera.

We’ll be seeing a lot more blue water and outer reef life in clear calm conditions, as long as a storm isn’t blowing by.

Our next special event is our annual Kids Sea Camp and Family Divers week and we’re still gearing up for our photography party for Labor Day.


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