St. Patrick’s Day As Celebrated In Rarotonga

Ian Wheeldon, Manager of Cook Island Divers Plays An Elvis TuneBill Acker & his wife Patricia met up with several Canadian friends of Greg Wilson for dinner and drinks to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Music was provided by Wally Duff and Ian Wheeldon on the guitar with Greg Wilson singing along. It was a greaqt time all around and oh by the way, it was also Patricia’s birthday.

Patricia Acker Reacting To Wally's Rendition of Happy BirthdayThe venue was spectacular in the late afternoon as the sun was setting and the waves were crashing on the beach as seen through the lush tropical garden setting of the Waterline Restaurant. Even after dark, with the group gathered around the guitar, the atmosphere was stricktly party mode all the way.

Wally Duff & Greg Wilson Providing St. Patrick's Day EntertainmentWally, originally from Belfast, is the only true green Irishman in the country and we had him for the evening. The evening’s music ranged from Irish ballads to Elvis Pressley with at least two renditions of Happy Birthday for Patricia.

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