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Steven Miller from Ikelite photo school, who is a MantaFest presenter at this year’s photo event, puts Yap in print with his gallery of sharks, rays, caverns… and even the moon.

The latest addition to the photography scene is Yap is our “Sunset Split Shark Shoot” that we do at Vertigo as a day ending boat trip.

Sharks are the most predictable wildlife in Yap, although the diving is manta-based, our sharks just don’t seem to take a day off or have any season, it’s always on at Vertigo.

So predictable in fact that we reliably produce excellent split images from the boat at sunset – both weeks of MantaFest will have special shark split workshops and the opportunity to get out and bring home new creative images.

Some more images from Steven Miller in Yap:

caverns   moon

night_shark   sharks


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