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This post is about sharks, specifically photographing sharks at Vertigo, for our latest manta news, check our our manta mania Manta Mania 2016 trip report and behind the scenes write-ups.

Now, back to Vertigo.

Here’s 5 reasons to come back to Yap using just one dive site and the most consistent of all things here in Yap, Sharks.

The only thing that changes here is the water conditions, the shark conditions are always the same, lots and lots of reef sharks.

Reason #1 – the surface shooting

When the water is clear, and it usually is, the black-tip shooting just off of the boat is incredible.

Speed up your shutter and you can freeze the light and catch the dapple effect on the sides of these sharks.

Reason #2 – strobe shooting at depth

There are dramatic shots to pull at Vertigo using strobes down on the reef and over the edge of the wall.

The blues and gradient from the sun ball on a clear day make for high contrast images and when the water is really clear, you can read “Yap Divers” on the boat from 22m.

Reason #3 – silhouette shooting

Drop down the wall and look up at circling shark silhouettes. Incoming tide dives offer the best water clarity and fast shutter speeds make for sharp lines on the edges of your subjects.

Reason #4 – so easy, kids do it!

Kids and sharks mix. Here is a family diver at our last Kids Sea Camp photographing black-tips at the surface.

Reason #5 – day or night

Last year at MantaFest, we did a little experiment mixing a colorful sunset, a boatload of photogs and Vertigo. It worked.

We’ll be trying this again this year at MantaFest and sending some visiting photographers home with some custom media.

Here’s just one more reason to come back to Yap – you never know what you’re going to see.

This whale shark interacted with our whole boat in the water after a “10” shark dive at Vertigo at our last Kids Sea Camp.

All of these photos are from the last several seasons. Vertigo is a photographer’s friend – guaranteed animals however you want them, from the bottom up, from the side or a split with a sunset.

We do this everyday here =)

Get in on the action

August 27th – September 11th, 2016 – Learn more about our annual MantaFest photography festival.

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