Philippines + Yap

Experience the coral triangle + Yap’s big animal sanctuary in one combination dive holiday – two weeks of valet diving, 20 dives in 2 marine parks.

macro diving micronesia

The Best of Anilao

Anilao, Batangas offers a good mix of reefs, sandy slopes, caves and piers that make for a really interesting Dive experience.

A boat ride away from Puerto Galera and Verde Island; Anilao makes for the perfect staging area to access all of the hottest Philippine Dive sites.

Anilao delivers critter diving that rivals the best in the world.

Sites such as the more recently discovered “Secret Bay”, and the Anilao classic “Basura” offer macro diving that equals the shores of Dauin, and even Lembeh in Indonesia.

See and photograph frogfish (the giant, clown and the hairy), wonderpus, flambouyant cuttlefish, and rhinopias.

macro diving micronesia

macro diving micronesia

With a rich marine biodiversity within an environment maintained and protected by the local communities, Anilao proves to be one of the foremost marine conservation and diving destinations of the Philippines.

Almost all of the macro and muck diving species can be found in Anilao.

An UW photographers paradise for macro enthusiasts, come experience the best of the “smaller side” of diving.

This package offers both “big and small” in two weeks of luxury and VIP service.

Aiyanar Hotel PI

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Combine the diving, marine life and luxury of Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort with the resident rays and schools of sharks in Yap.

Guaranteed big animal encounters in Yap and the exotic Micronesian culture make this combination dive package one of the most diverse available.

The best of Micronesia and the best of the Philippines in one trip.

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