Only the Important Things Discussed Today

As the title of this post indicates, today is about the important things going on here at the Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.  Those of you who want to hear about manta diving, shark sightings, kayak tours, spas or what have you should tune out now.  This is about a change at the Stone Money Brewing Company.

As those of you who have been to Yap realize, we produce two different beers.  One is a pale colored lager that we call Manta Gold and the other is a darker larger that we have traditionally called Telmar Bier (which is Yapese for “Dark Beer”.  I have never really liked how Telmar Bier rolls off the tongue but until recently have done nothing about it.

Finally that has changed and we have now renamed our dark beer.  The new name is Hammerhead Amber.  Fredy, our Swiss brew meister, wants to be more precise and since the beer he brews is not dark like Guinness Stout, he wants the word Amber in the name.  Theo Gumang, our long-time head of the concierge department wants the name Hammerhead as in “get hammered” or “give me a ‘head”.   So with two distinguished gentlemen such as these, who would I be to argue?  Thus we now brew Manta Gold and Hammerhead Amber.

At this time, I also should mention the “proper” way to consume our beer which was taught to us by an Australian Mining Engineer who stayed with us a few years ago and “developed” this method.  I am talking of course about mixing the Gold and Hammerhead in equal amounts in the same chilled mug thus coming up with the Texas Two Step.  Bet you wish you had one sitting in front of you right this minute, don’t you?

Now that you have been informed of this very important news you may go back to work but please don’t forget about us.  We are having fun in the sun and looking forward to welcoming our past guests back to the Manta Ray and making new friends from those visiting us for the first time.

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