New NITROX Membrane Installed at Yap Divers

The Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers recently received a new NITROX membrane from NRC of Germany.  Mr. Kay Schmalschläger the main technical person for NRC Germany was in Yap to personally design and then build the new membrane.  The membrane runs off of an Atlas Copco compressor, also supplied by NRC and then is fed into our Ingersol Rand main compressor to fill tanks.  We can produce anything up to 40% but generally use 32% for our NITROX fills.  We offer our divers a choice of 64, 80 or 100 cubic foot tanks (10, 12 and 15 liters) to give them options for their comfort.

New compressor and new membrane are just some of the improvements that we keep making to insure that we are able to provide our guests with the best service possible.

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