Mnuw, looking good for Christmas

painting Mnuw 002

The S/V Mnuw, our 110 year old schooner and without doubt the most unique bar and restaurant not only in Yap but the Pacific, has been getting a touch up so she is looking perfect for the festive period.   It is an around the clock job keeping the Mnuw looking good and ship shape for our guests.  There is a lot of wood that needs to be treated and painted and it gets done every year.  Some of it is easy to get to but some is a little bit trickier. However, our Mnuw maintenance team is an ingenious crew and always finds ways to get the job done.  In this picture, you can see Detlef Trux, Mnuw Maintenance Manager and Captain Ramli working together as a team.  As you can see Detlef is doing the painting while the Captain holds the Mnuw steady!

There is a festive glow in board as we have hung hundreds of festive lights and various decorations to get us all into the Christmas spirit.  We have some wonderful Christmas and New Year evenings planned, which we will post as the happen.  Maybe next year you will be here to enjoy the season with us, tropical style.

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