Missing Air Crew Project – July 18-28, 2010

Pat Ranfranz started researching his uncle’s (T/Sgt John R. McCullough) downed aircraft almost 25 years ago while in college. First traveling to Yap in 2005 to find his uncle’s missing plane, Pat has researched, located and documented numerous other missing American planes lost over Yap during the war. The Missing Air Crew Project is thrilled to be joined this summer by two members of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They volunteered to help the Missing Air Crew Project this summer after hearing a talk from Pat Ranfranz at a dive show last winter. Bringing with them additional deep water search equipment to locate T/Sgt John R. McCullough’s B-24 bomber, the project hopes to bring closure to this decades long search.

Pat Ranfranz, the Missing Crew Project, and the Woods Hole volunteers will be in Yap this summer from July 18-28, 2010


On July 27, 2010 the island of Yap will dedicate the Ens. Joseph Cox F6F-5 Hellcat memorial. The Ens. Cox Hellcat is one of 36 American planes shot down over Yap during World War II. Although the plane was shot down with three other Hellcat’s from the USS Enterprise on September 6, 1944 the plane remains relatively intact. It is truly one of the most unique wrecks and now memorials in the Pacific.

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