Military Discount Dive Packages

Special Military discounts on all of our hotel and dive packages throughout the year!

Combine 10% off for active military, with special Tokyo airfare, to save big on any of our dive packages, including high seasons and special events, save now on the best of Yap diving and family vacations in Micronesia!

Manta Ray Mating Season

December through January

Winter time is the right time for seeing our mantas in groups dancing over the reef. Mating behavior is the most exciting to watch, females have would-be courting partners training behind them.

Summer Time

May through August

The calmest seas with most available dive sites around the whole island, clear water with daily shark diving.

Special Events and Dive Packages

Take advantage of our military discount and contract rates from Tokyo to save on all of our annual special events and dive packages!

Yap Day

March 1st and 2nd is Yap Day, the island’s day to celebrate everything Yapese – culture, tradition, food, family, community… and scuba diving. It’s the most colorful day of the year with traditional dances, crafts, tattoos, competitions and demonstrations in ceremonial dress. It’s also the peak of the manta ray mating season when trains of mantas take over the lagoon and dance in courtship.

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Family Sea Life Adventures

Family Sea-Life Eco-Adventure and Marine Biology Week! Plankton tows, lab time looking at specimens under the microscope, dissections of different marine species, snorkel and dives in different environments important to marine ecology (snorkels in mangroves, snorkel/dives off reef), inter-active lectures and field work on different aspects of island and marine ecology. Each person receives a lab book, T-shirt and rash guard.

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Manta Fest

Join our annual photography workshops and contest week with special photographic dive plans, top underwater photographers from around the world, daily workshops and one-on-one training with $25,000 in prizes given away!

Special photographic dive plans all week.

Marine Biology Weeks

Eco-adventure for everyone! Divers, snorkelers and non-divers can learn about and help conserve precious coral reefs in an active workshop in Yap. We offer 3 different workshops during Marine Biology Weeks. Create your adventure with one, two or three workshops in one or two-week long packages.

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Manta Mania

Join a manta ray conservation party on an upgraded luxury vacation package at Manta Ray Bay Resort. Yap is one of several research sites with Manta Trust – for one week leading manta ray and shark scientists will host a “hands-on” citizen science field research symposium and media event.

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