Merry Christmas from us all at Manta Ray Bay


Before things get too crazy with the Christmas celebrations here in Yap (we will be celebrating it most likely before most of our friends), I wanted to take a minute or two to let you know what is going on right now.

As I sit in the office writing this, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas is playing away.  The chances of us having one of them is very remote, but  we have the tree up, full of tinsel and sparkly lights and the reception desk is festive with garlands going up the stairs and around the pillars.  The staff are busy putting the final finishing touches on everything before the guests come back from diving.  Christmas dinner will be served for our guests on Mnuw and there will be Christmas movies showing too.  On Christmas morning we will be up early delivering complimentary Christmas cookies directly to our guest’s rooms.  We have a busy night too on Christmas night as we have many arrivals coming in to dive and share in the Christmas Spirit!

Tonight I have been very kindly invited to join the Ackers, along with some other staff to join them at their family Christmas dinner on board the Mnuw; to share with them this special time of year.  

So with that kind thought in mind, I want to, on behalf of Bill & Patricia, their family and all the team here at Manta Ray Bay wish you all the best for a wonderful Christmas and New Year and to say thank you for all your support though this year and previous for making this the best dive resort in Micronesia.

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