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Yap is best-known for it’s resident manta ray presence, clear blue water diving and a strong reef shark population.

With almost 100 miles of barrier reef, several big channels and lagoon sites, there is one of everything here to explore – miles of outer reef wall diving, deep and shallow channels to drift as well as inner lagoon macro and night diving.

Highlights of Yap Diving are the mantas, daily year-round reef shark diving with three kinds of interactions, nightly mating manderinfish as well as rich coral walls and caverns.

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sharksFor a look at today’s diving, scroll our facebook feed of photo updates straight from the dive dock, or see our blog for recent dive reports and photos.

The best way to dive Yap is to know what you want to come for and setup your trip during the best season for it – if it’s mantas, then winter time and early spring is the window of most activity.

Yap Sharks at “Vertigo”

World Class shark diving, every day…

vertigoThe one thing that is guaranteed in Yap is “Vertigo” with its local school of un-shy Grey and Black Tip reef sharks. This is a true year-round rain or shine dive, Yap sharks are always home at Vertigo.

silkyGrey, black and white tip reef sharks will most likely be in every dive log entry, with the exception of one of the manta ray cleaning stations – almost all diving includes shark encounters and interactions.

On several occasions bigger species are sited along the Southern walls, including Tiger, Silky and Silvertips.

Critters, Macro and More…

Every sunset the reef’s most colorful fish mate

manderinYap’s big animal diving is complimented with diverse reef life, and especially a smaller side, critter diving.

Critter diving can be in a day’s dive plan year-round. We have both inner lagoon macro dive sites as well as outer reef macro diving.

Photographers are pleased with the quality of Yap’s subjects and shooting environments.


eagleOther typical marine life encounters include turtles, cuttlefish, eagle rays and big fish.

Yap’s barrier reef consists of hundreds of types of hard coral and where the currents hit you’ll find a living mixture of whips, sponges and blooming soft corals.

All of this is enjoyed in small 6-8 pax fully-equipped twin-engine dive boats in small groups with veteran dive guides.

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