Manta Ray Bay: a place to make friends!

Everybody knows the procedure: onto the boat, off to the dive spot, into the water, back to the dive center, and eventually everybody’s scattered to the four winds.
With both hotel and dive center located under one roof and the relaxed mood, I have always felt that Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers is a great place to meet fellow divers from all different kinds of background, regardless of nationality, profession, mentality and whatnot.

A couple of days ago I stumbled across a post on facebook that speaks volumes – that our little paradise indeed spawns proper friendships.

From left to right: Wen, Omar, Anton

Anton Sutheja and Wen Wei from Singapore stayed in Manta Ray Bay Resort in late 2008 just like Omar Hadoui, who lived in the UK at the time.
Needless to say they enjoyed their encounters with mantas and sharks. At the same time I was in Yap for the first time ever and I remember having a great week with these funny guys.
Then I was surprised to stumble across this photo more than four years later and see the three of them seated at one restaurant table.

Obviously Omar relocated to Singapore, and that’s what he says:
“This long overdue gathering in Singapore of 3 diving buddies could only happen thanks to amazing holidays in Yap Island with Manta Ray Bay Hotel where we met almost 4 years ago!! Here’s to friends around the world! :-)”

And Anton chiming in in true Anton fashion: “Wonderful pork ribs, you should come and join Omar and Wen here, mate!”

Thanks, guys, I hope to meet you again rather sooner than later! Singapore and pork ribs sound great, but I would not mind blackened sashimi and Yap Corner either!

No, his haircut is not due to lawnmower rays…

There’s REALLY no more Zero fighters, Omar!

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