Manta Man of Okinawa Returns to Yap

Mr. Takashi Ito and his wife Kyoko Ito owner of Kohama Island Dive Shop (Ito Service) in Okinawa, Japan has returned to Yap and among other things celebrated a birthday with us.  This is Mr. & Mrs. Itos’ 26th visit to Yap and the Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.  Ito’s diving love is manta rays and everything about his life in Okinawa revolves around these magnificent creatures.  The outside of his house features a manta mating train and his pool has mantas on the bottom.

When asked for his favorite dive site, Ito immediately said “an incoming tide at Manta Ridge”.  This site is actually named Tzimoulis Ridge in honor of the late Paul Tzimoulis but Ito, like a lot of other old time guests, still refers to it as Manta Ridge.  His most memorable dive at the ridge in Mi’l Channel was the time when he witnessed a mating train of over 25 rays following one of the big females in crystal clear water.

Takashi Ito, Bill Acker and Thaddaeus Sullivan

For his birthday, the staff gave Ito handmade flowered leis and Bill Acker presented him with one of our 25th Anniversary pins.  Everyone then sat together over a couple of cold beers and fresh sashimi while reminiscing about past dives and planning for future trips.

Alex Raimon,Takashi Ito, Bill Acker & Grandson Taz and Kyoto Ito


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