Manta Fest = Shark Fest

Story and Photos by Tim Rock

The Manta Fest days are officially underway with Andy and Ray and myself slated to be giving seminars starting this week.

The first day of diving was highlighted by a great gathering of reef sharks at Vertigo. Bill Acker brought down a small bait basket that kept the sharks interested while people snapped away and shot video.

Ai again tried some free diving with these gray reefs and looked right at home in the blue, clear water with her toothy friends. Our second dive also produced an eagle and some beautiful corals covered in a cloud of glassy baitfish.

shark1 ai-shark2

shark3 shark4

Today we also saw five sharks getting cleanings and coasting in the current at Gofnuw Channel’s Car Wash. One shark had two pesky remoras that were driving her crazy.

This afternoon back to Vertigo and hopefully more great shark action.

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