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We are still experiencing the best of Yap diving conditions. Yesterday on an all day boat we had 3-for-3 awesome dives and everyone is bringing home packed SD cards. The pro presenters are leading the way out there and showing us how to get it done – today’s post is some of their work here during this Manta Fest.

David Fleetham

GRAY REEF SHARK, Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos, YAP, MICRONESIA.

ANEMONEFISH, Amphiprion perideraion, YAP, MICRONESIA.





BLACKTIP REEF SHARKS, Carcharhinus melanopterus, YAP, MICRONESIA


BLACKTIP REEF SHARKS, Carcharhinus melanopterus, YAP, MICRONESIA

BLACKTIP REEF SHARKS, Carcharhinus melanopterus, YAP, MICRONESIA

Frank Schneider


04 D3N_9031_LoRes_c

Blog 05 D3N_9348_LoRes_C


Blog_01 D3N_8932_LoRes_C

Blog_02 D3N_8875_LoRes_C

Blog_07 D3N_9664_LoRes_c

Ray Bullion


Tim Rock


Participant Feedback

Over breakfast this morning Marty asked one of the contestants, Sheila, if she was getting anything out of the training and pro support. The answer is yes – and I’ll cosign that. We’re taking in info every evening and getting hands on with it the next day. Noticeable improvements in our photography from the last few days is showing.


IMG_9084David set my rig up for macro with some of his own hardware and helped me bring home some of my proudest shots to date.

These guys are putting in the time with all of the guests with whatever they need.

Frank has been hosting impromptu workshops in the pool over beers and David is driving developing tutorials on the Crow’s Nest bar after dark.

IMG_9210All of this is sending us home a better photographer and breathing new life into our underwater game. Everyday we get to watch these guys in the water and see how they get those shots, from creeping up on sleeping sharks to waiting for that magic behavior moment to click the shutter.

Today I am jumping onboard with Frank and Andy for a wide angle shoot at Vertigo and looking for some Mantas. We have only 6 dives left before the contest judging begins and we see how this shootout wraps up for our guests.

There’s already 12 rooms booked for Manta Fest 2014 – note to self: Manta Ray Bay only has 35 rooms.

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