Manta Fest 2012 Official Results

Frank Schneider, Marty Snyderman, Bill Acker, Ray Bullion and Masa Michishiro,  your 2012 Manta Fest presenters and event host handed out the prizes and awards to the top photographers of this year’s event. The task wasn’t easy, there were a lot of outstanding photo submissions but this is how it all finally shook down.

Manta Fest 2012 Presenters with Bill Acker

Winner, Best of Show

Anke Rorbach, Manta Fest 2012 winner, Best of Show Anke Rohrbach was presented with the best of show contest winning photograph of Yap’s grey reef sharks at Vertigo.

This is the the photograph that was selected as the contest winner, taken at a shark feed dive on the Philippine Sea reef.

The prize was a 16 day liveaboard trip with Dive Damai and is worth more than $10,000. When you win Bill’s photography contest, you get something special.

In this case it’s a dive cruise that’s never been done before, sailing and diving from Indonesia through all of Micronesia winding up back in Yap. Anke will be living in luxury on a carte blanche ticket with a boutique sailing operation diving some of the most treasured waters there are in the Pacific. Manta Fest 2012 Best of Show Anke Rorbach, Yap Sharks at Vertigo

First Place DSLR, Ken Sutherland

Ken’s photo of a flatworm free swimming in the water column delivered first place in DSLR and he received a new Mares Icon HD dive air-integrated dive computer, handed to him by Stefan Michl himself.

Manta Fest First Place Ken Sutherland in DSLR

Second Place DSLR, Uwe Nie

Second Place Manta Fest Winner UweThe photographers were allowed to submit their photos that fell into a few content categories.

  • Big Animals
  • Macro
  • People and Culture
  • Reef Scenics

This is a photo of the private Manta Ray Bay beach on Maap.

During the week, it wasn’t just dive boats rolling off the dock, there were land tours, kayak tours and the standard “what would you like to do” Manta Ray Bay policy.

There was some birding action, fruit bat photo excursions, hikes, beach tours and yap-size road trips around the island’s cultural spots.

Uwe won second place with his photo of tropical paradise and won a week hotel and dive package back at Manta Ray Bay.

He titled the photo “Relaxed”, which is one of the keywords thrown around when talking about the energy here in Yap.

His photo about sums it up…


Third Place DSLR, Judy Bennett

This was definitely one of the favorite photographs of the event, Judy was shooting black tip reef sharks circling at the surface of the Vertigo shark feed dive. The judging was looking for content, technical aspects, presentation as well as post-production attributes when scoring these images.

Manta Fest 2012 Third Place Judy Bennett

Point and Shoot Winners

Borris Mitchell won first place with a cultural photo entry of Yap stone money. Another Mares Icon HD was handed out by Stefan for the point and shoot first place pic.

Point and Shoot First Place Photo, Borris Mitchell

second place manta fest 2012 point and shoot photo
Michael Martini’s Macro shot of a wire corral goby awarded him a full board week long package return trip to Manta Ray.

Diane Bullion third place manta fest 2012 point and shoot
Diana Bullion won third place with her Manta photo from Stammtisch and received a Henderson Aqua Lock wetsuit.

Get Involved

This is a uniquely fun event for all levels of divers photographers and where pro photography, world class warm water diving and cool people from around the world enjoy the vacation pace and unmistakable relaxed atmosphere that Yap and Bill Acker provide. Mares will be a big part of Manta Fest 2013 and you can count on a custom grand prize that you won’t find anywhere else.

Manta Fest 2012 Party on the Mnuw

Several of the participants didn’t leave the property without already reserving their spot for next year. Now is a good time to lock in your presence at the 2013 Manta Fest party in Yap.

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  1. Wow! So beautiful!
    All the pictures tell me how wonderful the world we live!

    It’s been honer to dive with some of the great photographers while my husband and I were staying Manta Ray Bay Resort!
    We were lucky and happy to join the Manta Festa!!

    We’d like to come back next year and participate in the Manta Festa 2013!

    Thank you, Yap Divers!
    Thank you, Manta Ray Bay Resort!
    Thank you, the nature of Yap island!

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Sandy Stinson
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The staff couldn't be more friendly and accommodating. Food is good, (worth upgrading to include all meals). Diving is good more
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Offers one of the best accommodation service. It also has a uniquely designed restaurant.
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The whole place centers around the scuba diving operation. Probably better to find somewhere else if you're not a diver. The dive operation was generally good, but a little too laid back - schedules weren't always clear, and sometimes would change without any notice. Sometimes it was hard to tell if this was really because of changing tides/weather or because of the island pace of life. Pizza is a surprisingly good option at the more
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Great hotel. Have stayed twice.
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