Manta Fest 2010 Ready to Start

Story and Photo by TIM ROCK

Vertigo and AiManta Fest in Yap is slated to begin this weekend. A few of us are here early including my free diver friend Ai Futaki. Here is Ai at 50 feet off Vertigo Wall with a gray reef shark (or six). We had sunny skies and clear, incoming tide waters to dive Miil Channel and then go outside the reef to Vertigo.

Mill produced a school of bumphead parrotfish, jacks and gray reef and whitetip sharks. We then headed to Vertigo. Henry gunned the engines a few times before anchoring and we were greeted by the hungry pack of gray reef sharks hoping for a feeding. They stayed around for the whole dive and Ai put on a show by easily going to 60 feet and shooting video.

Tomorrow we head back to Miil hoping for mantas this time.

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