Lagoon Diving

Today, we’re lagoon diving. The wind makes for a rough outer reef final dive day boat ride, on a Friday no less. We kept it inside this morning. Our group of guests from Germany received the whole dive menu during their week, from mantas and sharks to ripping blue water wall dives and, this afternoon, they wrapped it up at the macro site.

Things have the potential to get interesting over here these next few months. We have a guide in town for the season who doesn’t mind too much excitement on a dive… the fish story is that a plastic bottle being crinkled underwater gets oceanics to appear out of the blue. It gets better. One time, out at cabbage patch and at 140 feet, during this bottle trick, Collin was knocked out and had his mask smashed off of his face by a big silver tip. The plan is to try this with camera backup.

Meanwhile back in the lagoon, we did the closest dive site to the dock, Slow and Easy. This is where you’ll find more “little stuff” in a small area.

Today’s wildlife roster was rich with Nudibranchs, all the Gobi/blind shrimp were darting in an out of their houses across the sand bottom with fish school silhouettes above.

There’s enough to see that you only need a few things pointed out. A giant white manta shrimp or yellow white and pink leaf fish are always around if you know where to look.

Today we saw multiple nudi’s hanging around doing whatever nudi’s do, and pairs seem to come in the same color and pattern. Also today were some big fat nudi’s on the reef.



Along with all the small stuff, I spooked a black tip out of the shallows. Sometimes we see turtles and other big things here and once a baby manta ray at night… but now that’s like the silver tip story, what good is it without a picture? That’s two in one post, so I owe you one. Collin’s getting the request to get us a silver tip before his seasonal tour is up.

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