Kayaking Yap

Discover Yap by kayak and enjoy a half or better yet a full day, unique experience in the diverse mangrove systems of Yap. This is the perfect way to explore one of the few ecosystems on this planet that remains untouched by man.

Among the mangroves you will go were none can go but by kayak. There are no roads, no way to bring a powered boat in and no habitation, there is but you and nature.

See some of the wild bird life endemic to Yap with your host Patricia Acker, wife of hotel manager Bill Acker. Charming, knowledgeable and capable are words that have aptly been used to describe the manager of Yap’s Planet Blue Kayak Tours.

Born and raised on Yap, Patricia knows the local fauna and wildlife as well as anyone. She is pleased and proud to introduce the lucky few who join her personally guided tours to “her” island. A mother of 4, she is an avid student of local medicine and on her tours she is more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge about the Yapese people and their folklore as well as their ancient traditions of herbal medicine. If you bring a snorkel, you might even get a chance to observe the Archerfish as it spits jets of water several feet into the overhanging vegetation to knock down insects.

EquipmentKayaking Rates

kayaks-smOur Perception kayaks combine great performance with generous storage capacity. The upswept hull design provides for speed and gives smooth and predictable handling and directional stability in rough conditions. Perception kayaks are considered the best sea kayaks in the world.

Our current kayak fleet consists of 9 single and 4 double kayaks. They all have adjustable seats, thigh straps and foot pegs. The 4 double kayaks have rudders which make steering easier.

Our Werner paddles, composed of carbon fibers, weigh under 34 ounces (the lightest in the industry). They are ideal for use by novice as well as expert paddlers. The dihedral power face used with this blade is the key to delivering the flutterless balanced strokes that make these paddles so easy to handle. They are full sized blades that provide secure brace and a lot of power when needed.

All kayak tours include water, soft drinks and fruits. Full day tour includes lunch.


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