Hands Free Yap

Bill made it even more convenient to dive Yap. After breakfast on the Mnuw you can walk to the boat with only your sunblock to meet your gear… all of it. This upgrade came in the form of a few dozen Manta Ray branded Armor dive bags and a new luxury guest policy that says you really don’t have to worry about anything, not even your personal gear.

Hands-free Manta Ray Bay Diving

Yap Divers Convenience Bill is constantly trying to improve the diver’s experience here and what better than less for you to do during your stay.

Everything starts out at your personal locker in the dive shop, the entire day’s gear cycle is handled for you – from your locker to the boat, from the boat to rinse tanks, from the rinse tanks to your locker.

On the boats, each diver has a covered station with their bc/reg setup and their personal gear bag under the seat. As long as it’s in the bag, you’re good to go.

So far Bill’s initiative has been well-received and smiling guests are the result. VIP service has been added to the Yap Divers hospitality offer and now it’s like having scuba sherpas in Manta Ray Bay t-shirts around here.

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