Guide Excellence on the Reef

Check out John’s form in the water this morning. It turns out that my SD card caught a nice dive guide example moment and thought I’d share.

All of this went down as we dropped onto the reef just outside the Channel and started down the corral slope in a sandbox.

John stopped the guests and got them both into position and dialed them onto it. This is the kind of thing that falls into the details category, spotting micro-stuff.

Here’s John locking the guests onto his miniature sea life score. It actually took a little bit to get it, it was tiny. Once David and Pamela were on it and the cameras started coming out, John bails out in search of another find. That’s exactly what you want your dive guide to do.

If you so much as waved your hand too hard this thing would wind up in a mini vortex. That Small. Turns out, this was a Rock Mover the size of a pinky nail.

David and Pamela are in from Melbourne, Australia and wound up on their own boat today, with two guides, one pilot and a blogger. This was a reef tour that included excellent attention to detail from the dive crew.

David and Pamela also commented on the dive crew’s enthusiasm and made it a point to say that they can tell that these people still really enjoy diving here. A solid adda boy goes out to Yap Diver Guide, John John, nice up on the reef this morning.

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