Group of Swiss Friends Visit Yap

The Sunntig’s Taucher (Sunday Divers in Swiss German) group of diving friends spent  7 days with us in late December.  This is a group of friends from Bern and Basel, who meet every Sunday to dive the lakes of Switzerland and to travel the world together.  While here, they certainly got their money’s worth as they did 30 additional dives on top of their hotel/dive package.  Thomas, the quite one of the group, and that’s really saying something for Swiss people, described the drift dive into Mi’l Channel as “Absolute Sennastionnal” (Absolutely Sensational).

Before leaving, the group let it be known that Truk Lagoon is high on their list for future trips and we are all hoping that they will add another stop in Yap when they visit our neighbors to the East.  After all, I wouldn’t want my pool training sessions to go to waste.

Thomas, Dieter, Bill, Vanessa, Oliver & Jörg

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